About Me

You have personal or professional goals. I’ll help you build a roadmap to reach them.

Your business has a message to convey. I can craft it. And let you know how to get it in front of the right audience: prospects, customers, the internal team … you name it.

There’s a meeting coming up. You need a speaker. Call me.

I’m Steve Fales. All my life I’ve been a communicator. Whether writing an article or a book … chatting one-on-one or presenting before hundreds … talking on the phone or sending e-mail. Getting to the heart of a matter quickly, accurately, and compassionately is where I’m gifted.

In the marketplace, this plays out in several ways … As founder of an advertising / marketing agency (AdServices), which I sold in 2020; as a consultant, life coach, public speaker and business writer (Praeter Advisory); as an organizational culture consultant (Companality); as a blogger about professional and personal development (Twenty Thousand Feet) … and the life of a triathlete and marathon runner (Mere Mortal Runner) … and thoughts about the spiritual journey (Other Sheep.) You can find links to most of these and to my social media at the Home page of this site. (Click Here.)

Aside from the above and family, my other interest is chess, at the club level. And relationships are the foundation of my core values, so I stay engaged with many people.

Enough about me. What’s on your mind that you’d like to share? I can provide a confidential listening ear, or discuss how to reach a broader universe. Are you achieving your goals? How successful is your company? Are you able to tell your story clearly?

Let’s talk. I’d bet we’ll become friends.

It starts here: stevefales@gmail.com